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Fiji Islands

There are reported to be 333 islands in the Fiji Archipelago with just over 100 being populated. The 2 largest islands are Viti Levu and Vanua Levu with the former housing the Capitol City of Suva on the south east coast and Nadi with its international airport on the north west coast. The second largest city is Lautoka lying some 30 km along the coast from Nadi and is known for its sugar industry and deep water port. The total population is put at 870,000.

The People

Originally settled around 2,000 BC by Melanesians Fiji has grown into a multi cultural society with Indo Fijians and Europeans many of whom are centered around the larger towns and cities. The official languages are English, Fijian and Hindi.

All Fijians are extraordinarily friendly, one of their greatest assets, even passing strangers offer a hello or Bula in Fijian to any visitor.

The villages are still strongly traditional encompassing their culture and history and meetings with village elders normally involves the ceremonial drinking of Kava or a sevusevu as it is known, an important part of the greeting of visitors to any island.

Dress code is important for a visit to a traditional village, respectful wear and the lack of sunglasses and caps is appreciated

Thank you for being here with “High Aspect”. This was a way for us to do some 21st Century exploring. Betty’s favorite.

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