Activities Around Fiji’s North West Islands


Coral reef

Fiji is often called ‘the soft coral capital of the World’ and rightly so, with many world class recognized sites for corals, structure, reef fish and pelagics. The Fiji shelf has many reefs ranging from fringing to small submerged atoll like formations with numerous areas as yet unexplored.

High aspect carries 5 complete dive sets, tanks, STABS, DV, mostly by Scubapro, and weights plus an onboard compressor for refills while the 4m tender is the ideal way to gain access to the dive locations. Most anchorages have a reef nearby worthy of a dive that would be a 5-10 minute dinghy ride, some of the outer reefs drop off to over 30m.

Soft Corals

We also have 2 sets of bob tanks – small tanks around 4 litres – that can be used by experienced divers as an add-on to a snorkeling trip. The tanks and small and light and so STAB jackets are not required, just grab a tank and go snorkeling and when there is a great spot dive down to 5 or even 10 m to get that all important horizontal view of the reef. Some divers take one of our baby-bob tanks whilst snorkeling and chose either a ½ litre or ¼ litre size for up to 5 minutes down time at 5 or 6 m. Fantastic fun and a great way to effectively snorkel underwater.

Otherwise rendezvous diving can be arranged at several hotels that have operators

Thank you for the sail of our entire lives, the most remarkable chef and so much fun.

Mary and Bob Tucson Arizona

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